A couple of mods to my Q5

Here are the things I’ve done to my FLSun Q5 so far. As you may have noticed I use Sunlu filaments if you’d like to use them also use this link for a discount.

Bottom Brace you can download the STL Here thanks to Jean for sharing this with me
Moved the SD card from the back to the front. Got mine Here
Removed heavy metal covers from carriage on all three arms.
Added Rod Dampners to each set of rods but need to modify them because they move a lot and make clicking sounds. These aren’t specific to the Q5 so just search for delta rod dampners on Thingiverse.
Mounted filament support on the wall to take the extra weight off of the top of the printer.
had my friend from Italian 3D Lab make a slide for the reel so it wouldn’t squeak against the metal.

4 Replies to “A couple of mods to my Q5”

  1. Hi, Very interresting mods ! How did you fixed those bottom braces on the vertical profils? Thanks, Philippe

  2. Ciao, sono Franco, ho da poco una Flsun Q5 ho stampato i supporti tra la base e le colonne ma, purtroppo ho notato che nella parte a contatto con la base, l’angolo di appoggio è sbagliato. Ho sbagliato qualcosa ?
    Saluti e buona giornata.

    1. Non ho avuto dei problemi quando ho stampato le mie, se non mi ricordo male. Forse il buco sotto non era proprio sopra ma mettendo le viti ha tirato tutto nel suo posto.

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