I’ve always been fascinated by bio-luminescence, my first encounters with bio-luminescence was growing up in Jamaica we had fireflies that were called peenywally these weren’t your average firefly they got really big and were armored like a tank. A particular thing about peenywallies was that if you held them or put them on their backs they would snap their necks with an amazingly loud audible click, when put on their backs on a surface this same snapping would make them do a somersault and be back on their feet instantly. Bio-luminescence can be found not only in animals on land and in the sea but also in plants and Funghi. There are even kits available to grow your own bio-luminescent mushrooms. There is research into inserting genes into trees to make them glow at night easing the burden for city lighting. Lucerferin is a generic term for a group of small molecules that produce light when oxidized. There different types of Lucerferins for example firefly, Fungal, bacterial,Vargulin in deep sea fish, dinoflagelates which give you glowing waves in the ocean and some brackish water, Coelenterazine in some fish and shrimp and even a type that you can find in a freshwater snail called a Latia. Check out this article also.

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  1. peenywally! …love that Jamaican word….but yeah, I think there’s bio luminescent algae that occurs in the lagoon in the back yard in Placencia, Belize…Awesome!

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