DNS Server

Why you should change yours? Basically a DNS server is what converts easy to remember web site names into an actual IP address. Some of the benefits of changing your DNS server from the one chosen by your internet provider are listed below.

  • More privacy
  • speed
  • security
  • reliability
  • customization

Cloudflare explains encrypted DNS servers here.

You can change the DNS server for each computer connected to the internet but if you configure your router to do it any device connected to that router will pass through your chosen DNS server.

Some examples of alternate DNS servers are

  • Cloudflare IP and
  • Google IP and
  • Quad9 IP and
  • Open DNS IP
  • Comodo IP
  • Verisign IP
  • UncensoredDNS IP
Change DNS on your MAC
Change DNS on your PC
Change DNS in your Router

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