Home-made LASER

My first exposure to building a home-made laser was from this post in 2007 by Nyle Steiner, check out his site for other fun things.. All the pictures are directly from his site. This type of Laser is an open air Nitrogen laser that creates an ultraviolet beam. It can be easily made at home with common materials.

Other projects from them can be found Here

UV Laser beam shining through a bottle of water with laundry whitener that reacts with UV (Blue) and then through a bottle with highlighter ink and water.
Adjusting the electrode spacing
The Spark Gap
A TEA Laser powered by a Wimshurst machine, two of my favourite things lasers and high voltage.

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    1. and very loud, I made one long ago. The spark gap will drive you mad with the noise and the ozone with the smell but still a quick great project that needs to be done at least once.

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