I see said the blind man

If you wear glasses you should spend €69 on these lenses for you VR headset, I got mine from VROptician, excellent quality and the lenses are made by Zeiss. The only drawback is that even before the Covid slowdown they took about 3 weeks from order to delivery. Well worth the wait though.

the lenses
Inside view of the Oculus Quest
The case
Separate microfibre bags for each lens
Microfibre cloth included
Zeiss Lens

3 Replies to “I see said the blind man”

  1. Are the lens comfortable to wear for those with glasses or does it smush the glasses into the face still when wearing the 3d goggles?

    1. If you buy these lenses you don’t need to wear your glasses when you use the headset, you can also use the headset with glasses and not buy the lenses the headset is made to have enough space to use glasses. That being said it is much more comfortable to have the built in corrective lenses made.

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