“La Veicia”

“La Veicia” (the old Lady), that is what Matteo and Maicol decided to name their creation. If you need a custom project done check out MaPa’s in Forlimpopoli.

Born in March of 1980 in Forlì, Matteo’s family early one morning, learned about his passion for mechanics at the early age of 7, his grandfather was going out with his Fiat 500 but to his surprise Matteo had disassembled the motor.

Maicol on the left and Matteo on the right
First job at Turbo 2000 in Forlì

At 12 years old Matteo started modifying the scooters that were used to move around in the fields and at 14 he started modifying all the scooters of his friends. He caught the speed bug and has never looked back. At 18 he got his first car a beautiful Renault 5 turbo and tuned it to produce 200 horsepower. After which he moved on to a Golf GT , Fiat Punto GT and finally the Fiat Uno Turbo that would eventually become “The Veicia”.

Renault 5 Turbo
Fiat Punto GT
Fiat Uno Turbo

In 2008 Matteo decided to stop street racing and his project for his greatest passion, drag racing was born.

In that period tuning an APE Car he met Maicol after seeing the quality of the modifications that Maicol had done on his APE Car he saw his potential and asked him to join in on the project which Maicol accepted instantly and they became best friends. From that day on they have shared every idea concerning “La Veicia” With the help of the guys from the workshop Casa della Marmitta with team MeB Racing they were able to achieve over 500 horsepower with the 1600cc 8 valve engine. Great results at the track too, 7,4 seconds at 170kmh in 200 meters and 11 seconds at 200kmh for the 400 meter run.

Through the years “La Veicia” has been modified and rebuilt many times in it’s current form it has a 2000cc motor from a Lancia Delta and a completely tubular frame. In spring 2021 “La Veicia” will show us what she can do.

Second place in the B1 category at the Rivanazzano dragway in 2013
Ready for 2021
Track days
On the track

The old “La Veicia”

“La Veicia” under construction

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