Original Book Folio too expensive?

Want something better for a reasonable price? Have a look at this creative solution by maker Virginie, she grabbed some leather, glue, a piece of PVC profile, and put her imagination to work to create a masterpiece to hold her Remarkable II.

Parts list to build one for yourself

  • 2 sheets of eco leather
  • a pair of good scissors or a cutter
  • neoprene glue or contact cement
  • a piece of PVC molding 15 x 4mm* (check the measurements at the store with your remarkable in hand.)
  • velcro for keeping the flap closed
  • optionally you can use a piece of ribbon of your choice for decoration and to hold any stray papers or cards in place.
  • A sprinkle of Virginie’s magic so it all comes out as planned.
  • And if you understand French go grab her book.
PVC Profile 15 x 4mm available at most hardware stores.

3 Replies to “Original Book Folio too expensive?”

  1. Merci beaucoup pour cet article sur mon folio DIY. J’espère que ça aidera de nombreux utilisateurs de la géniale reMarkable !

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