Pfizer Covid vaccine

So they say that you get more side effects from the second shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

What are these side effects and why?

Both the first and second shot of the vaccine are exactly the same, the reason the second shot causes more sever symptoms is because your immune system was primed by the first shot to recognise the virus and when it sees the second shot it starts fighting against it. The more common symptoms include Fever, nausea, feeling tired, headache, chills and nausea, not to mention swelling redness and pain on the arm that received the injection. The doctors claim that even if you don’t have symptoms after the second injection that the vaccine is still doing its job.

How MRNA vaccines work

Foto di cottonbro

Foto di cottonbro
I got my second shot today 🙂

Foto di Oleg Magni
Not the Corona we are talking about.

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