Random misfires and engine shutdown.

My daughters car has been suffering from misfires, erratic R.P.M and also shutting down once your foot was removed from the accelerator.

ODB II codes said it was a problem with the valve timing on the exhaust side, I ended up changing the control solenoid for the exhaust side of the VANOS system.

For the misfire I replaced the sparkplugs with new ones.

During the inspection of my plugs cylinders one through three are running fine but on cylinder 4 I found traces of oil, the valve stem seals seem to be leaking on cylinder 4 which would explain why I need to add a litre of oil every month.

you need a very long tool to get to these sparkplugs
Difference between old and new. This was cylinder 4 with some oil but no fouling,the sparkplug was also loose.
Cylinder 3 normal condition
cylinder 2 normal condition
Cylinder 1 normal condition
VANOS exhaust side hydraulic solenoid valve.

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