Remembering the Concorde

The Concorde was a joint venture between Britain and France at the time they were both developing supersonic passenger Aircraft and decided to join forces considering the costs of developement. On January 21, 1976 the first commercial passenger flight took place with two aircraft, one Air France and one British Airways. First promoted as fast transport across the world the Concorde project was losing money until the 80’s until it was rebranded as a luxury experience instead of just a fast transatlantic flight. Unfortunately due to what was later discovered as debris on the runway which caused a punctured tire, and subsequently the debris from the tire ruptured the fuel tank in the wing that led to Air France flight 4590’s tragic crash, the Concorde program had it’s final flight in 2003 three years after the fatal crash.

You can build your own papercraft model by following this link to Ralph Currell’s papercraft site.

Concorde Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 Mk 610

Tribute to Concorde
Last Flight of Air France Flight 4590
First Flight
Final Flight

The Russian Ty-44 which actually beat the Concorde to first flight, Industrial espionage at it’s best.

You can read more about the TY-44 here.

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