Sardegna Apocalypse 2020

If you ever get a chance, Sardegna is the place to be. My favorite zone is Orosei, I usually stay in the locality called Sos Alinos. For some good food be sure to check out the fixed menu at Sos Ozzastros.

On My way to Sardegna, had a coffee with Wile E. Coyote during the trip.
Social Distancing? Good thing we stayed way back.
Arrived at our Bed and Breakfast
Our Bed and Breakfast Il Giglio di Mare
Spiaggia di Cala Liberotto
Il Giglio di Mare
Burning my bald spot
These were huge
Keep away from the bottom of my feet
is it time for lunch yet?
Clear enough?
I have no idea, do you?

Uncle Jack makes some nice gyros
Good eating
A bit small this year
This is from 2013

Artisanal Beer
After the meal a nice Rum and Raisin ice cream
Coming back from Orosei
Monowheel even in Sardegna
Adri relaxing
Nightime water
Into the unknown
Dorgali,Tomb of the Giants
Inside, towards the back
Inside, towards the front

Dry season
Eagle rock
They seem to have some heavy hail in Orune
Good that Saint Pio is here to protect you
The most expensive pasta I have ever eaten was in this bar in Orune.
Flower shop in Orune
Canadair over our hotel not a good sign
The Biderosa Oasi
Sea Daffodil
Abandoned boat in the middle of an oasis
The water is that way
Inside the Biderosa Oasis
LungoMare restaurant in Orosei
Cala Gonone
Cala Gonone
My little octopus friend
Adri looking for the internet
That is one way to look for dinner
Move electric
A need for shade

The new Sardegna is Jamaica

Strange plants
Who knew that delivering poison could be so beautiful
no comments about this one!!
Fat Headed Gecko at Sos Ozzastros.
If you ever needed to know where your wine comes from.
Sacred well of Santa Cristina

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