TAFFIX Anti Covid Spray

It’s not a Myth, it actually exists. Basically you blow a white powder in your nose (no not cocaine) and it forms a thin gel barrier that physically blocks pathogens from entering through you mucous membranes and also creates a lower PH that destroys the virus itself. I really have no idea if it works or not but the explanation seems plausible. You can find it on Amazon for about €15 per bottle if you buy the family pack of 4 bottles.

I’ve used it for a week so far and can only say that they need to find a better way to apply the dose, basically you shake the bottle so the power particles are in suspension and squirt it in each nostril twice. The problem is that you never know if you really squirted it or not or if you put enough, sometimes if there is powder trapped in the neck and you end up squirting a quarter of the bottle up your nose.


Hard to dose

burns inside of nose of some people


complicated procedure that isn’t adequately explained a YouTube video would do wonders here.

did I mention € EXPENSIVE

you still need to wear a mask.

Only lasts 5 hours


Maybe helps you not get Covid-19,other Viruses, pathogens and allergens.

you can make lines on the table and pretend you are sniffing cocaine.

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