MAS Stealth Propellers for Mavic Pro

UPDATE MAS has contacted me and are sending a new set of propellers.

Master AirScrew since 1976, that statement alone would make me think I was buying high quality propellers.

I must admit I’m not impressed, I still haven’t flown with them but the only thing that seems like a quality product is the the cloth micro fibre bag they came in. My complaint is in the quality of the finishing of the propellers,seams can be seen everywhere and pieces that should have been filed away have not been. Have a look for yourself and you be the judge. No comments from Master AirScrew on my email sent to them. If I ever get over the feeling of paying a premium price for low quality propellers, I’ll fly with them and let you know how they run.

look at the tips and also the seam on the leading and trailing edge
Look closely and you will see the huge mess this pair of props is.
At least the colour helps you see the drone better.
Upgrade you say?
Made in the USA
Premium only in price, these are expensive propellers
Free stickers
The bag is actually quite nice.
Compared with my original DJI propellers made in China I’ll remind you that the orange props were sold as a premium upgrade
Consider the fact these propellers are used and even so look better than the upgrade.

Go ahead comment, you know you want to.