My Second near infrared camera.

The first camera I modified to take near infrared photography was damaged many years ago, I finally got another camera worthy of being modified and am in the process of doing so. Basically the infrared filter inside the camera situated before the CCD needs to be removed, after that you need to block out most visible light with a filter, in my case i’m using a 720nm filter I got from China. I actually bought 2 of them so I could sand down the base of one, and after gluing it to the camera, I could screw the 720nm filter on and off. I think I will eventually just fix the filter permanently and use the camera only for NIR photos.

My first modified NIR camera Lens was blacked out with 2 layers of exposed camera film
Here is the Camera that I modified one night at ROOT using the new tool kit gifted by i-fixit unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of me removing the IR blocking glass. Get your own toolkit here.
Disassembly to remove IR glass filter.
Test fit need, need to sand off the threads.
Threads sanded flush
Going to attach it with black Sugru to avoid light leakage.
A little help from toothpicks so I don’t get it on the lens.
Waiting for Sugru to dry.
The finished product hopefully i’ll get a chance to start taking some photos with it.

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