Newton eMate 300

A blast from the past the Apple eMate 300 running on Newton OS was 2.1 in English was introduced in March 1997 for the educational market unfortunately they didn’t catch on and were discontinued in February of 1998. The Display was a 480X320 4-bit 16- shade greyscale with pen input and an EL backlight in green. The eMate was available with a 76 key built in keyboard in the states and a 77(ISO) keyboard elsewhere. The computational power was supplied by an ARM RISC 710a running at 25 MHz. Built in Memory was 8MB of ROM 3MB of RAM (1MB of DRAM and 2MB of flash). Battery life was around 28 hours running off of the internal NiMH rechargeable cells.

eMate 300 closed
eMate 300 open
eMate 300 logged in
eMate 300 right side headphone jack and PCMCIA slot.
eMate 300 back view with IR window and charging indicator.
eMate 300 left side with DC input and one newton connect port and a serial port.
eMate screen with backlight on.
My installed applications
A look under the infrared window using my NIR camera.

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