Plastic everywhere, lets reuse it.

Today I was introduced to the Precious Plastic community by Davide on /ROOT’s virtual bar channel on Telegram.

Davide was in need of a piece of polyethylene for a project he was working on, the only way to get what he needed was to buy a stock bar which turned out to be very expensive.

At home he decided to try and melt some PEHD from various packaging materials in his oven at home. He was amazed that there were no noxious fumes coming off due to the low heat and proceeded to mold the plastic between two glasses. He then machined to multicolour plastic on a lathe to specifications. Seeing how well it came out he was pushed to gather more information on recycling different types of plastic.

His search on the World Wide Web brought him to an open source project started by a guy in Holland.

Considering he had the know-how and the tooling to create the machinery necessary to start recycling waste plastic himself he proceeded to build the tools required to shred waste plastic which is the first step before melting and extruding. Considering the fact he has access to precision cutting machinery and his skills in operating them he made a better version of the shredder with closer tolerances which make it more efficient and also avoids jams. Below you can find pictures of his progress so far.

Where it all started
a view of the inside
machining one of the rotors for the shredder
close up of the teeth
the twins ready for action
The twins in action
The project is coming along very nicely

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