Upcycling old heat-sinks and fans.

Noisy Intel computer heat-sinks, i’m open for ideas on what they can be used for. These heat-sinks were removed from new computers because they has a tendency to sing with the air passing over them.

Long ago with the use of a hydraulic press and some imagination I made some art with the copper cores. In total I think I made 10 different art pieces but only kept the one in the photos below.

The copper if from the core of the heat-sink, the coin is a 500 Lira coin from Italy that was pressed under a hydraulic press to separate the middle from the outer ring. I eventually decided to use the deformed outer ring in the design. The black and white between the outer ring and the inner coin which looks like marble is actually cigarette ash from when I used to smoke.

let me know in the comments what I should do with my remaining stash of heat-sinks and fans.

the offending fan with heat-sink
Copper core ready for extraction
Music to nobodies ears
My creation
I really should have polished it before taking the photos

Go ahead comment, you know you want to.